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Huawei NGN packet voice solutions

Posted 2012-06-16 16:50:14 by admin

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packet voice in the world after several years of development, as the technology matures and the relaxation of the national control policies began to enter a new period of development. According to Frost & Sullivan, the market of packet voice data in 2001 through the wholesale, retail sales of packet voice call time of 60 to 15 billion minutes, predict packet voice call volume in 2007 will reach 75% of the total call volume. According to CCID data show that, in 2005, the Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), packet voice market size will reach $ 6.9 billion, this figure was $ 213 million. In recent years, the packet voice services in China has maintained rapid growth, this paper will explore the typical application of packet voice in the NGN.

NGN packet voice to solve the program

based on the development of next-generation network (NGN) softswitch has gradually matured, and extensive validation on a global scale and commercial. Packet voice, IP-based packet networks, NGN provide a variety of the most important business and business income of the business. PSTN voice services, the NGN network voice services can also be divided according to the user scale and applications group users, residential users and the SOHO/individual users three typical solutions.

1 packet voice of the group users to solve the needs of the user's voice communications program

Group diversity, the same solution with diversification. Typical NGN solution is the use of IADs (Integrated Access Device) access to a regular analog phone, voice compression and the IAD, IP encapsulation, access through the network of NGN. Ephone, Pcphone, SIPphone, intelligent terminal, you can directly access the NGN network, shown in Figure 1.
Huawei NGN packet voice solutions
Figure 1 Group user packet voice solutions

by increasing IP attendant console, The combination of softswitch and voice terminals to constitute IP Centrex, and it is fully compatible with the PSTN Centrex. At the same time, IP MAN IP Centrex services extended to the remote branch office, branch office users the same features as the headquarters voice services, such as the cornet service, switchboard service, Centrex services, the branch connection to the headquarters using the integration of voice and data VPN, can take advantage of VPN Wide Area Centrex. IP Centrex implementation shown in Figure 2.
Huawei NGN packet voice solutions
diagram 2 IP Centrex implementation

the company's headquarters and branch offices, all voice terminal and attendant console form the headquarters of the IP Centrex These terminals can have unique IP Centrex services, such as the cornet each other for.
original group users of the PBX, NGN network can continue to use these devices, the method is to add a function similar to the packet voice gateway device IAD, IAD, the PBX analog trunk or digital trunk connection, such as shown in Figure 3.
Huawei NGN packet voice solutions
Figure 3 NGN access to PBX solutions

the IADs function score group voice network off simple, it implements the voice/data compression, and complete the IP encapsulation and sent to the WAN. In this mode, the PBX has retained all the features of the original very small impact on the user's network transformation is convenient.
life or for other reasons need to removal of the PBX, users want to retain the habits do not change their telephone numbers, internal cornet can use the program shown in Figure 4. The user can cut all the PBX POTS subscribers received IAD2, a single IP attendant console, IP Centrex, to constitute and NGN network compatible with all the features of the original PBX. IAD1, IAD2 are two different access devices, IAD1 play the role of the small gateway, IAD2 access to the user.

Huawei NGN packet voice solutions
Figure 4 of NGN removal of the PBX, the solution to retain the PBX features

2, residential packet voice solutions

residential traffic characteristics of the number of users, access to large-scale, high-capacity access to equipment. In view of this situation, Huawei Access Gateway AMG solution, shown in Figure 5.
Huawei NGN packet voice solutions
Figure 5 residential packet voice solutions

according to the number of users of different Huawei AMG products, including 80/160/320/640 users of four specifications, AMG, upstream of two 10/100M Fast Ethernet port access MAN PSTN services for large-scale access to the Mandarin sound business users.

3, the SOHO/home users

the typical needs of the SOHO users is the user port number from several to dozens of POTS ports, the requirement to provide the data interface to support Internet Data Dedicated Internet business, the demand for home users and SOHO similar. For SOHO/home users IAD is the best option, as shown in Figure 6.
Huawei NGN packet voice solutions

Figure 6 of the SOHO/home users to solve the program

new the provision of public long-distance business operators concerned, by grouping the NGN network, similar telecommunications long-distance business hall, known as the IP supermarket is a very promising business. With IP Attendant Console with SoftX supermarket IP voice terminal management, including fault diagnosis, terminal testing, terminal status monitoring, open occlusion of the terminal, and can provide real-time billing, then a single print.
can be seen from the above solutions, multi-functional series IAD is a necessary condition to achieve voice program, Huawei IAD series device fully into account the habits of the Group and home users, the practice has proved that.
packet voice solution, and the PSTN, IN, H323 network interoperability is a must, not repeat them here. From the performance of voice services, which includes local, long distance, call the smart card number, and is fully compatible with the existing PSTN business. With the increase of terminal types, the network will provide more NGN specific business, such as the ONLY (user retains a unique number, at any time/any place can do the calling or called), WEB800, voice the Internet, Voice Mail.

two packet voice in NGN need to pay attention to several issues

1, most of the quality assurance and safety of
IADs, EPhone terminal support 802.1P must be the priority of the protocol, voice over data priority, to ensure the QoS of voice services; MAN can be high bandwidth, IP private network, DiffServ, MPLS, VPN and other variety of ways, you can use DiffServ, voice packet flag fast-forwarding class in the access equipment, control flow, and other measures to ensure the quality of service.
within the group users can increase the firewall, the access device using VLAN, port, MAC, IP address binding means to increase IADs, EPhone,, Pcphone security.
user wiring
NGN packet voice cabling for customer premises with certain requirements, IADs, EPhone,, PCphone must be placed in customer premises equipment received 10/100BASE-T physical interface IP encapsulation , so you need five lines laid. The newly constructed building basically have to take into account the integrated wiring system to meet the needs of the NGN network. However, for the old residential areas and office buildings, only the phone line, without laying cable, in this case, a way to transform the wiring system, another approach is to provide access to ADSL, VDSL, HOMEPNA means of access to packet voice terminal, the user may need to purchase access device.
form of packet voice terminal
voice terminal more, IADs can access a regular analog phone, PCphone EPhone, SIPphone and other terminals. Which, PCphone relatively common, its configuration and the call is completed by the PC, convenient and flexible. Ephone and Mandarin machine can automatically ring a comfortable background noise and echo cancellation features with a regular analog telephone. EPhone IP address can be used as DHCP, the BOOTP protocol distribution, can also be a fixed configuration, and a certain degree of packet loss recovery capabilities, its management and configuration can be done through the WEB. With the innovation of technology, a variety of voice-enabled smart terminals will be more and more the choice of the users is also growing.
4, planning and number of IP address allocation
IP address planning and the number assigned is a very important configuration, but also routing exchange and networking. According to the needs of the user's habits and PSTN/ISDN users sharing, the number of voice terminals must E.164 numbering the telephone number (PSTN network), requires a lot of IP NGN packet voice IP packets sent from the customer premises, address the current Ipv4 address allocation is obviously unable to meet the demand for IP addresses. Therefore, NGN network must take full account of the IP address, current IP address assignment method is more popular to the common public IP address, the Unification of Private IP address, public/private IP address mixed program, these types of options have advantages and disadvantages, according to the actual situation of the network to select the appropriate program.


packet voice is currently very popular as a business, with the continuous development of NGN technology and business model will gradually mature, the packet voice The first widely used in the NGN network.

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